Pianist Dazzles in Inspiring Opening
by James J. Gillis
The Newport Daily News, Saturday, July 9, 2011

The Newport Music Festival opened its 43rd season Friday night by welcoming back an old friend in pianist Dimitris Sgouros


 "in the first half.... Sgouros performed Beethoven's "Variations and Fugue in E-flat Major Op 35" and Chopin's "Ballade No 4" and is as much fun to watch as he is to hear.  His hand technique led to flourishes, and in basketball terms, you would say he has a mean crossover move.... Deadline kept a reporter from hearing the entire performance, which was to conclude with selections including Liszt's "Venezia e Napoli" and pieces from Faust and Verdi.  If they were as strong as the first set, the audience got more than its money's worth."


Dimitris Sgouros receives rapturous standing ovation at Gala Opening Recital of the 2011 Newport Music Festival

With Mark Malkovich IV (above) and Joan Malkovich (below)

 Flashback - Newport Music Festival, Rhode Island, July 1982   

Dr Mark Malkovich III (Director Newport Festival, Rhode Island) and his wife Joan with Dimitris Sgouros in 1982, at the time of his North American solo debut at Newport

 "What is extraordinary is the youngster's emotional depth. He plays with the sensitivity and nuances of a mature artist. Performers three and four times his age lack the emotional scope and feeling that Sgouros brings to whatever he plays." 


 Flashback - New York, November 1982   

 The Newport Music Festival comes to Avery Fisher Hall, Lincoln Center 


  INTERVIEW with Dimitris Sgouros, Erick Friedman, Dr Mark P. Malkovich III on New York's WQXR radio ahead of historic Sgouros/Friedman concert in Avery Fisher Hall, Lincoln Center
 Listen to interview  lofi.gif (90 bytes) Part 1  hifi.gif (134 bytes) Part 2



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